How to Create a Good Home for Your Spider Monkey

Primates make smart pets. Caring for these animals, however, can be very difficult. Keeping them clean is a priority as is keeping them from getting sick. These animals need much more caring for than more traditional domestic animals.

You have to be careful in buying a Spider Monkey so as to avoid doing business with illegal tradesmen. Do some research on whoever you are buying from because if you buy from the wrong people, you could get a pet that was raised in the wild. This can be dangerous and usually means the animal was bought illegally

Trees are where you will typically find spider monkeys. As such, you should keep this in mind when creating their habitat and create one that contains no toxins, is natural, and allows them to climb.

Climate is an important consideration. Spider monkeys should be kept in an environment where the temperature is between the mid 80’s and mid 90’s. If the temperature becomes lower than 75 degrees, your pet can become ill and, quite possibly, die if the illness is not noticed soon enough.

In order to properly care for your spider monkey, you will need a veterinarian who is capable of treating such an animal. Whoever you buy your animal from should have a veterinarian they can refer you to. If not, or if that veterinarian is not close enough, look around to find one who can treat your pet.

When feeding your spider monkey, you should think about what they would eat in their natural environment. Mostly, fruits and nuts are what your pet will need. Although some commercial diets are useful, they are incomplete. As such, you should make sure that your pet gets plenty of fruits and nuts.

Always keep a close eye on how your spider monkey interacts with other pets. Never leave them alone. If they don’t get along, things can get ugly when your head is turned.

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