How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting

Biting is the most common and serious behavioral problems seen in dogs. It is a serious problem for a dog breeder from preventing his dog from biting some one. We can prevent a dog from biting by properly diagnosing the causes for the dogs’ aggressive behavior. The aggressive behavior of a dog might be a reason of fear, possessiveness, dominance, predatory, punishment or pain elicited or territorial.

The Dogs may bite because of its fear factor. This fear problem may be controlled in humans by confrontation, but the dogs cannot do this, hence they become aggressive and bite others. You can prevent this behavior by understanding the fear of your dog and avoid this fear. You need to help your dog cope up with this fear. The next thing is the possessiveness and the dominance factors in your dogs, which can be overcome by proper consultations from a dog trainer. The Dogs can also act aggressive, because of its predatory nature, for example, when it sees a cat, it can be aggressive. However this cannot be prevented unless proper training is given. You can also avoid situations that can elevate the aggressive behavior in your dogs.

The Play Bite is another way of dog biting that your dog might exhibit while playing with you. You can try to avoid this, by sheltering yourself with extra layers of clothing and you can use toys to keep it away from you, while playing. However it might be difficult to prevent your dog from play biting.

If your dog is naturally aggressive, you can consult a dog trainer to know the ways to train your dog and you can find out some tips from him to control the aggressiveness in the behavior of your dog. The Dog might be aggressive, even due to some illness which you may not be able to find out, Hence you can also consult a veterinarian for a medical checkup and the type of training you should give to your dog to control it from biting. You can also give some obedience training, which might help to modify the behavior of the dog. However we cannot eliminate a dog’s aggressiveness by obedience training.

First, you need to find out the root causes for the aggressiveness of your dog, before taking any actions. Then you have to find out the steps to prevent your dog from biting. You can also prevent the aggressive behavior by giving your pets lots of love and taking proper care of them, whenever they need.

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