Sun Conure Birds - The Exotic and Beautiful Sun Conure Bird

It is obvious believed that everybody likes to have a pet in life. It might be some animals or even it might be a bird, spending time with pets might relief you stress many people don’t have a space for a dog or a cat for them birds can be the best pets. To choose a bird it is a hard choice. Some are large and messy while others are loud and dam messy. However, sun conure birds are right size bird to be at home.

Sun conure birds are origin of Northeastern South America, from Brazil to Venezuela. Now sun conure bird can be different places like Mexico, south and Central America even in some regions of West Indies.

An average size of a sun conures is about twelve inches measuring from beak to tail. Its average life span is around twenty five to thirty years

The color of sun conure changes as they mature, a Sun Conure looks like rainbow of different colors. . Sun conues have a black beaks and black eyes with white patch. The feathers are of olive green color and the color changes to a mixture of orange and yellowish after six months of their birth.

Feeing sun conures are so important to ensure proper nutrition are met, In wild Sun Conures feed on fruit, nuts, and seeds, but when they are in cage they should be given balanced, pellet diet. Like other birds, the owner should not forget to feed some fruit, vegetable, seed, or nut snacks to sun conure

It is said that in Brazil some flock of bird were drifting through the sky as a beautiful sunset, those birds were known as sun conure. For many years these birds were popular in pet trade. These birds are most friendly in nature and affectionate to the companionship. Like other bigger birds, sun conure birds don’t have a speaking ability.
They imitate noise of a doorbell and microwave oven. The pitch of it voice is screechy and very bird like when compared to other birds

Birds with proper exercise will improves to be in good health, sun conures are naturally active so when it is caged it should be provided adequate space to fly, explore, and play
The cage of a sun conure should be big enough to flap his wings


stormee02 said...

Hi I have two sun conures and they have been exibiting strange behaviour, they are kicking out their seed and also banging their beaks on the bottom of their food bowl, can you please explain this behaviour

S said...

It seems the bird are under stress.Have you changed their place