How To Give First Aid For Dog Diarrhea

Every one wants their pets to be in pink of health at all times. Pets are like babies and you should be careful in giving them the right nutrition they want. Diarrhea may be caused usually by the foodstuffs that your dog eats and due to the contact with the trash and insecticides around your house. So you should make sure that the food that your dog eats is good and it suits its nutrient requirements.

If the Diarrhea is mild, it gets cured by itself, but if your dog is suffering from severe diarrhea, then you need to take proper steps to cure the disease otherwise, it may lead to irreversible effects to our dogs and sometimes even may cause death of your pets.

Dog Diarrhea can cause dehydration and loss of fluids from the body of your dog which might be a fatal condition, if proper care is not taken at early stages. Therefore, proper first aid should be given to your dogs to prevent the water loss from its body.

You can find out whether your dog is suffering from diarrhea by many symptoms. If your dog moves wastes from its body too many times in watery stools, then there is a high chance that your dog is suffering from diarrhea. Loss of appetite is also a symptom of this disease.

If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, it most probably might have some of the parasites like bacteria, viruses, or fungus in its stomach. So you should give proper first aid, by trying to flush these parasites out of its stomach by feeding your dog with excess of water in the first 24 hours, when you noticed the problem. This might help your dog to eject the parasites from its body and to keep up the water level in its body. The water may also counter the dehydration caused by the disease and may help to alleviate your dog’s condition.

You can also observe, whether there is some blood in your dog’s stool. This is an indication that your dog has a severe diarrhea and you should consult a veterinarian immediately for further checkups. You can also show a stool sample of the dog to the veterinarian to help him to know the severity of the disease.

You can feed your dog with bland diet like boiled rice or skinless chicken. Try to avoid foodstuffs that contain oil, preservatives, and salt which might be difficult for the dog to digest.

You may also need some antibiotics prescribed by a good veterinarian or some left over medicines, when your dog was suffering diarrhea the last time. You should make sure that the leftover medicine is good suits your dog in its present conditions. Also, keep in touch wit your veterinarian when your dog is suffering from severe diarrhea.

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