Keeping your dog healthy with Exercise

Exercise is vitally important for both humans and dogs to maintain a healthy body. If you do not get enough exercise it will develop into obesity and a poor system. It is very easy to exercise with your dog.

Exercising your dogs can include;

· Walks in the park
· Playing outside with the kids running around in the yard.
· Chasing cars
· Going on trips or dog shows.

Some dogs can be destructive while others are a joy to be around. You should keep you dog busy at all times, whether your in the backyard playing or taking a walk. Exercise gives your dog energy and it also revitalize the dog to continue be active on a daily basis. A dog must have daily activities to keep from becoming destructive to your property or others.

It is essential that you keep your dog on a leash while in public, for the protection of other people around. A dog on a leash shows better restraint if your dog or another dog gets out of control. It also protects the dog from any other vicious animals that are around.

Most dogs like to play fetch the ball and chasing is one of their favorite activities. You should allow your dogs to play amongst other pets to become more sociable and to bond with other pets.

Exercise can play an important role in a dog’s life. It helps maintain the functions of the heart and lungs. Any physical activity will give dogs strong bones and increase their chance of living longer lives. It will give your dog an opportunity to bond with you and to really become the man’s best friend that we all claim to have. As you increase your dog’s exercise regimen it will keep him fit and happy.

“Oh my God my Pet is Shedding!

Are you tired of your pet hair all over your floor and clothes and even your car. your vacuum cleaner is getting clogged up with their substances. It makes you want to get rid your pet, but I may have the solution for you, continue to read on with the information that I have provided for in this article. Remember it is natural for a pet to shed, and there is not real solution, but I can give you some tips where you would not have to go out and buy that fancy vacuum cleaner.

It is natural or your pet to shed, it is more likely to shed in the winter than summer. It is not necessary to go out and buy the top notch vacuum cleaner or hire a carpet cleaner, to prevent this from happening again, here are some suggested tips;

· Brushing your pet will maintain the elasticity with your pet hair. Make sure that the pet is tailor-made. You should brush at least twice a week with deep strokes.

· When brushing you should change directions periodically, this will help strengthen the root of the hair line.

· Use a rubber type comb as well for your pet; it tackles weakness hairs on your pet.

· Always keep your pet well groomed.

· You can purchase a shedding blade for your pet, this will also help if you maintain a short style grooming for your pet.

· Be sure and brush the pet hair once they have had their bath.

· Use a good pet shampoo and conditioner .

· Apply a conditioner once a month to maintain your pet’s coat.

· Keep your pet out of excessive heat.

· Always keep the pet coat clean.

You should observe your pet daily for any type of abnormalities, so you can take the necessary precautions to protect your pet. Pets will shed more in heat than cold, so always keep them at an appropriate temperature, that will keep them comfortable. You do not want your pet to go bald so take the necessary precautions and maintain he beauty of there coat.


Taking Care of Baby Gerbils The Proper Way

In order to extended taking care of baby gerbils one must first familiar with Gerbils’ natures and conditions. They are living almost in whole world, but types of gerbil consecutively kept as a pet in the Mongolian. Their normal size is around four inches with the tail of the same length. Their color varied, although they generally have white fur on their bellies. Basically, gerbils live three to four years. The general eyesight of every gerbil is not that good, though they can easily escape from the cage of not securely closed. Due to their deem eye they need double care and concern. In turn, they are excellence in hearing and smelling. Naturally, they are harmless as they seldom bite, so they deserve more care and concern. The Mongolian gerbils are active with the child’s schedule and further active than other gerbils. Most of the gerbils usually have three to nine babies though some have more and some less.

Since, they are harmless and fond taking care of baby gerbils is our responsibility. These little gerbils fully depend on their parents during the first week of their birth. This is one of the reasons why we need to enhance taking care of baby gerbils. They need further proper care from us because they are faster and smaller than the other pups. Therefore, make sure that you are always holding them tight in the right and soft surface lest you make fall them.

Taking care of baby gerbils will fully be depend on knowing what to do if problems come, and knowing what to tackle and what not to handle. Every new baby has some need and restriction this truth will be always in our mind while we are looking after the baby gerbils. Normally, most of the baby gerbil’s parents are vicious and furious after giving birth. This is the time we need double careful not to handle the baby gerbils lest we make fall on the ground out of fearing its parents. However, repeating the same work will pave the way to handle the baby more comfortably and give better care.

One of the best ways of taking care of baby gerbils is to check over and again for some marks or sign over them. This will further give them healthier and safer as they grow up. Respiratory problem is almost common to these small gerbils, but you can find it out easily if you keep them closer to your ear. If they have the said problem in them you can notice clicking sound as they breathe. In addition, if there is a sign better you consult your veterinarian then give some antibiotics for these little gerbils.

If your baby Gerbils have diarrhea the remedy is to take care of baby gerbils by using some antibiotics or rehydration. Finally, if you can spot out a patch on your little pups that’s the sign produce out of lacking milk, you can venture to this risk by providing them a supplemental feeding. Remove uneaten food that is given to your gerbils every day. Fresh and clean water must be provided at all time with consecutive changes. Lastly, but not the least do not provide your baby gerbils cabbage, potatoes, onions, chocolate or candy or junk food.


Stop unnecessary barking from your dog

Unnecessary barking is the second most frustrating cause for dog owners, after housebreaking, and this has led to many dogs being sent for obedience training. What most dog owners do not know is that getting the dogs to stop barking is relatively simple and they can do it themselves. The first step is of course to understand a few facts about the barking and the subsequent training is a piece of cake.

Firstly, understand that barking is a normal response of dogs and you cannot expect them to stop barking altogether. Having said that, we can however teach the dog when it is alright to bark and when it is not. Most experienced trainers teach trigger words such as “Rover, speak!” to tell them when they should bark. When successfully done, the dogs resist the urge to randomly bark at every moving thing they see and mostly bark only on command. Of course when they sense danger, barking will resume alerting you of any impending danger.

The next step is to understand that dogs usually bark for a reason, although most of the time it may not be evident to you. Take the time to investigate why your dog is barking and address the underlying problem. Is it hungry? Is it thirsty? Does it want to go for a walk? Is it experiencing the urge to go ‘potty’?

Most times, we find that they are trying to alert you of danger or simply trying to direct your attention to something. What you should do in these circumstances is to acknowledge the cause for the barking and assure your dog that it is alright. You may say something like, “Thank you Rover, I see the squirrel (pointing to it). Now that’s enough barking”. Speak firmly but in a calming and polite manner that your dog is not alarmed. If you begin to shout or scream, your dog may misinterpret this and get more agitated while barking even louder.

Happy training!


Buying food for your pets

It is your duty to provide your pets with quality food to keep them healthy. Always read the labels before you buy. The wordings used on pet food labels are regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Follow these steps when in doubt:

Step 1

Understand what the labels mean. Chicken cat food means it should contain at least 95 percent chicken, whilst chicken dinner/feast/mix/formula means 25 percent chicken. Cat food with chicken means there is only about 3 percent of chicken in the can. Chicken flavour however means that it need not be chicken at all; it just needs to taste like chicken.

Step 2

Identify all ingredients and check their weight content for that can, the first one being that with the highest content.

Step 3

Avoid any foods made up of meat by-products (organs, bones, tendons and other left over parts). Buy foods which specify the meat used (chicken, beef, salmon, etc.) instead of simply stating meat.

Step 4

Look out for a label saying “animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures have been conducted on the food”.

Step 5

Check the nutritional analyses of protein, fat, fibre and other contents while comparing the recommended daily percentages for your pet. Remember there are different nutritional requirements for puppies, pregnant pets, diabetic pets, kittens and even cats with hair balls.

Step 6

Always check the expiry dates.

Step 7

Change pet foods gradually by first mixing some of the new food with the old one. Do so over a course of three to five days before completely switching foods.

Step 8

Keep an eye on your pet after introducing new foods. If they show signs like a change in coat colour, loss of hair, scratching, changes in appetite, weight, mod, stools or any other signs suggesting problems, consult your veterinarian for advice.


Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat

Cats and Dogs are carnivores and they usually eat meat. With this fact pets, especially cats and dog are more susceptible to struvite crystals than the other pets. Normally, around eight five percent of pets with struvite bladder stones are usually female. Mostly breed’s pets of the same genre are in high risk of struvite crystals, especially those breed pets like the beagle, miniature schnauzer, and English cocker spaniel. In addition, the average age of pets infected with struvite bladder stones falls under 3 years and common to pets of 2.9 years.

In order to tackle Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat you first need to understand how it form and what the composition are. Struvite is a crystal composed of Magnesium, Ammonium, and Phosphate, it was also called Triple Phosphate due to the believe that the Phosphate ion was combined to three positive ions instead of just ammonium and magnesium. Usually struvite crystals are always blended with urine and when they present in a very large amounts they can easily form stones. When urine is infected with bacteria resulted ammonia, and this in turn result ammonium. Thus, this is the toxic to the cells of bladder wall which produce inflammatory. Now, preventing struvite crystals in your dog and cat is as simple as proteins released the inflammatory which usually form the actual stone.

You might be worry as to how do I tackle preventing struvite crystals in your dog and cat. Nevertheless, it needs not to worry you for this can be removed through surgically, by a special technique called dissolved via diet. Surgical advancement is that the stone is removed within and healing took place in a day. Dietary dissolution is also a possible mean to this infection, it done through a special food called S or D diet which is made with a special purpose to dissolve struvite stones. However, this is not the end task since some pets inclined to recurring bladder infection that reform struvite stone even after removing the crystals through surgical. Therefore, enhancing prevention is highly important and necessary for the health of your dogs and cats.

In order to poise Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat dietary serve as a secondary mean. It is natural and home solutions, as it focus on the therapy of prevention before infection. According to senior research, protein creates more acid in urine which is good for preventing struvite crystals formation. Treating pets with commercial food is another way of putting in bladder stones risk for it is full of carbohydrates and starch. It is not recommendable that you should treat your pets of dogs and cats with dry food, especially to those pets having a history of bladder stones. Moreover, the higher carbohydrate level in foods with grains makes urine to be become alkaline the stem of struvite crystals. So, a diet which is low in carbs and higher in protein makes acidic urine which in turn helps for the prevention of struvite crystals. Feeding with meat-based food is the best defender for nullifying both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.


Successfully training your dog

More often than not, dog owners seem to blame their dogs for behaving badly. They simply say things implying what a “terrible” dog they have and how unfortunate it is for them. What they do not understand is that it is their responsibility to train their pets or at least send them to a proper trainer. Of course the training depends highly on your dog’s breed, but it is not impossible to do it on your own. If done properly, training can do wonders for your dog.

The main concern for most owners is to get their dogs to obey commands. Understand that your tone of voice is just as important as the commands issued. Speak in a firm tone but never shout at your dog. Begin with simple, short words like ‘sit’ or ‘no’. It may take so time for them to get used to the commands and execute them properly. You should have dedication and patience training it. Never give up on your dog as it surely has the potential to be a truly obedient companion. Creativity does wonders here because some dogs may respond better to different training methods.

Take note that you should never inflict any harm to our pets, no matter how frustrated and irritated you may become during the training. Hurting them is only discouraging and can be very damaging to its mental wellbeing. The dog may feel reluctant to listen to your commands or worse, avoid you completely. Remember that your dog has feelings also.

Always treat your dog and praise it for doing things right. Just like you and I, dogs love to be praised and acknowledged for the things they do. Simply saying “well done” and giving them a pat will do. If you like, there are snacks for dogs at your local store to encourage good behaviour.
Love your dog and they will love you in return.


Homemade Dog Treats

This is a simple recipe for preparing tasty treats for your dog. You may use them as snacks, as a reward for completing tasks or even for to celebrate their birthday. The recipe yields about 20 to 25 cookies, simply use more ingredients for more cookies.


1 package of dry active yeast
¼ cup of warm water
1 tbsp. of molasses
1 cup of warm beef broth
1 ½ to 1 ¾ cup of all-purpose flour
1 ½ cup of whole-wheat flour
1 cup of cracked wheat
½ cup of yellow cornmeal
½ cup of powdered milk
2 tsp. of garlic powder
1 tsp. of salt
1 large egg
1 tbsp. of milk
Some groceries
Cookie sheets

Step 1

Mix the yeast and warm water, leave it to stand for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Stir in the beef broth and molasses. Mix them well.

Step 3

Add the whole-wheat flour, all-purpose flour, cracked wheat, powdered milk, cornmeal, salt and garlic powder into the mixture.

Step 4

Mix all the ingredients well, and then place it on a floured surface. Knead it until stiff and add more flour when required.

Step 5

Divide the dough in half, cover them and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 6

Roll them out to ¼ inch thick sheets for small dogs and 3/8 inch thick sheets for bigger dogs.

Step 7

Cut out the shapes desired for the dog treats, they do not necessarily be shaped like bones.

Step 8

Make a glaze by mixing the egg and milk. Brush this on top of each cookie for that little shiny effect.

Step 9

Bake them on an ungreased cookie sheet at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 minutes if the treats are ¼ inch thick. The 3/8 inch think ones however require at least 45 minutes in the oven.

Step 10

Allow the cookies to cool completely, and then use an airtight container for storage. Your dog treats are ready.


The Pros and Cons of the Labrador Dog

For most of the people dogs are a good companion, as the dogs too casting their companionship, offer their honor and their obedient to their owner. This is the way they gain love and tender care from their owners. This overwhelming habit eventually touches people’s volition to deep consideration and finally gives their name beloved animals. Among these pets Labrador Dog gain people’s favor that makes their popularities wider.

There is always the good part and the bad sides of everything, for instant, while many people love newly elected president Obama there are peoples who can see the bad side of him in the other world. This is how things work and while people scrambling for this small Labrador Dog its vital to discuss the pros and cons of the Labrador Dog. Before we go straight into our topic I feel we would learn more about the said animal.

It is said that there are two kinds of Labrador Dog; the English Labrador and the American Labrador. Reputedly, the Labrador Dogs are known as the world’s most popular dog. The Labrador Dogs can be differentiated from their physical traits. The English Dog is heavier and dummy size while the American Labrador are taller and thinner. These Dog normally have three original color; black, brown and yellow. Amazingly, they were known as St. John Dogs previously as they are helpful to the fishermen. Thus, when we discuss about the pros and cons of the Labrador Dog the following statement can be considered.

Labrador Dog is the most love and popular breed dog of the day, they were known for their obedient that makes them easier to train than the other breed dog. Their obedience is trustworthy and extremely quick learner dog. Beyond this they are also extremely intelligent which also gives the way to train them sooner for the trainers. One can gives them training in three ways: train them while they are puppies, train them by using come commanding words, and while giving them training reward them if they do some thing which favors your conscience.
They are energetic, personal, loyal and especially good to play with while they are in amusing condition.

They are good in welcoming the visitors; as they are train to provide comfort, affection, entertainment and the more hospitable works. In this way they give healing to those who visitors of our as they entertain them.

Beside the good things of this small Labrador Dog many can be said about their weakness. For instant, if they are more energetic they would run around the house without learning the proper time. They also become a bad pet if they are not train properly. They can also be a bad pet while marking around, turning over garbage, ect. If they don’t have a sufficient room to run around they are most problem maker animal. Finally, when they are so energetic they use to chew recliner, annoy the neighbor, and tear pillows.


Is your dog barking excessively?

Dog Barking is a completely natural and normal behaviour for all dogs and you should understand that. However, it may be a little difficult for your neighbours to accept this explanation. Common sense tells you that it is impossible to have your dog become completely quiet. What you can do is to control when they should bark, and when they should not. Follow these steps below:

- Find out what exactly is causing your dog to bark and eliminate the cause.

- Keep your dog’s favourite treat nearby.

- Praise your dog once it starts barking with a “Good job” followed immediately by asking “What is the matter Rover?”

- Simply tell your dog to “Be quiet” afterwards.

- Wave the treat to your dog to distract it. Almost all dogs would be more interested in the treat and immediately be quiet while attempting to lick the treat.

- Continue to praise your dog and say that it is doing a good job for being quiet.

- Wave the treat for another 3 seconds while your dog is quiet, then give it to him.

- Should it begin to bark again, start waving the treat in front of the dog . This time, wait five seconds of silence by dog before giving it the treat. This should teach your dog that it will be rewarded after each successful attempt.

- Each time you dog refuses to be quiet, simply say “Be quiet” in a firmer tone while waving the treat in front of it. Proceed to giving the treat to your dog if it stops barking as instructed and keeps quiet after a period of time.

- Try increasing the quiet-time intervals by 3 seconds for each successive time. Begin with 3 seconds, then 6 seconds, then 9 and so on. During the first few ‘sessions’, it is possible that your dog may require some time to learn the command. After a few repetitions, it soon learns the meaning of the command and obeys even without the treats.

Remember that they usually bark for a reason, either alerting us of danger or simply trying to get our attention.


“I love my Pet and I want to keep it healthy”

If you are a pet lover, you want to maintain their health, with routine check ups at the veterinary office. If your pet becomes sick, you should immediately take them to the pet doctor. All pets should have regular routine vaccinations, to maintain their health. Keep your pets in a nurturing and healthy environment. They should get the proper nutrition of food daily. Your pet should have a routine check up to maintain their health, and if there are any problems it should be reported to the pet doctor.

Things you should know;

· Your pet must be identified at all times with a collar and an ID tag.

· Maintain a pet schedule every month for your pet.

· Maintain your pets dental checkups as often as possible.

· Make sure your pet is receiving the proper nutritional supplements needed to keep him or her healthy.

· Every month your pet has to have a heartworm and parasite exam.

Instead of chocolates (which can be deadly to a pet), celebrate with a new chew toy or squeaky toy instead. Your pet will thank you.

Watch out for potential dangers from Valentine presents, such as foil wrappings from candy, ribbons from flowers or balloons, and stuffed animals which look like a squeaky toy but aren't made for pets.

Also watch that pets don't chew on flowers given as gifts. Besides injuries from thorns, some flowers and plants can be irritating or toxic if chewed or swallowed.

If you are traveling with your pet, be sure and stop for rest periods and allow your pet to get out and take a brisk walk, which will exercise his limbs.

Be sensitive your pets surroundings, loud noise can sometimes upset and scare your pet, like fireworks, or loud ambulance sirens.

It is vitally important that you take an active role in your pets life. You will be able to know the various signs of your pets behavior and medical needs. If there is a problem