Keeping your dog healthy with Exercise

Exercise is vitally important for both humans and dogs to maintain a healthy body. If you do not get enough exercise it will develop into obesity and a poor system. It is very easy to exercise with your dog.

Exercising your dogs can include;

· Walks in the park
· Playing outside with the kids running around in the yard.
· Chasing cars
· Going on trips or dog shows.

Some dogs can be destructive while others are a joy to be around. You should keep you dog busy at all times, whether your in the backyard playing or taking a walk. Exercise gives your dog energy and it also revitalize the dog to continue be active on a daily basis. A dog must have daily activities to keep from becoming destructive to your property or others.

It is essential that you keep your dog on a leash while in public, for the protection of other people around. A dog on a leash shows better restraint if your dog or another dog gets out of control. It also protects the dog from any other vicious animals that are around.

Most dogs like to play fetch the ball and chasing is one of their favorite activities. You should allow your dogs to play amongst other pets to become more sociable and to bond with other pets.

Exercise can play an important role in a dog’s life. It helps maintain the functions of the heart and lungs. Any physical activity will give dogs strong bones and increase their chance of living longer lives. It will give your dog an opportunity to bond with you and to really become the man’s best friend that we all claim to have. As you increase your dog’s exercise regimen it will keep him fit and happy.

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