The Pros and Cons of the Labrador Dog

For most of the people dogs are a good companion, as the dogs too casting their companionship, offer their honor and their obedient to their owner. This is the way they gain love and tender care from their owners. This overwhelming habit eventually touches people’s volition to deep consideration and finally gives their name beloved animals. Among these pets Labrador Dog gain people’s favor that makes their popularities wider.

There is always the good part and the bad sides of everything, for instant, while many people love newly elected president Obama there are peoples who can see the bad side of him in the other world. This is how things work and while people scrambling for this small Labrador Dog its vital to discuss the pros and cons of the Labrador Dog. Before we go straight into our topic I feel we would learn more about the said animal.

It is said that there are two kinds of Labrador Dog; the English Labrador and the American Labrador. Reputedly, the Labrador Dogs are known as the world’s most popular dog. The Labrador Dogs can be differentiated from their physical traits. The English Dog is heavier and dummy size while the American Labrador are taller and thinner. These Dog normally have three original color; black, brown and yellow. Amazingly, they were known as St. John Dogs previously as they are helpful to the fishermen. Thus, when we discuss about the pros and cons of the Labrador Dog the following statement can be considered.

Labrador Dog is the most love and popular breed dog of the day, they were known for their obedient that makes them easier to train than the other breed dog. Their obedience is trustworthy and extremely quick learner dog. Beyond this they are also extremely intelligent which also gives the way to train them sooner for the trainers. One can gives them training in three ways: train them while they are puppies, train them by using come commanding words, and while giving them training reward them if they do some thing which favors your conscience.
They are energetic, personal, loyal and especially good to play with while they are in amusing condition.

They are good in welcoming the visitors; as they are train to provide comfort, affection, entertainment and the more hospitable works. In this way they give healing to those who visitors of our as they entertain them.

Beside the good things of this small Labrador Dog many can be said about their weakness. For instant, if they are more energetic they would run around the house without learning the proper time. They also become a bad pet if they are not train properly. They can also be a bad pet while marking around, turning over garbage, ect. If they don’t have a sufficient room to run around they are most problem maker animal. Finally, when they are so energetic they use to chew recliner, annoy the neighbor, and tear pillows.

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