Successfully training your dog

More often than not, dog owners seem to blame their dogs for behaving badly. They simply say things implying what a “terrible” dog they have and how unfortunate it is for them. What they do not understand is that it is their responsibility to train their pets or at least send them to a proper trainer. Of course the training depends highly on your dog’s breed, but it is not impossible to do it on your own. If done properly, training can do wonders for your dog.

The main concern for most owners is to get their dogs to obey commands. Understand that your tone of voice is just as important as the commands issued. Speak in a firm tone but never shout at your dog. Begin with simple, short words like ‘sit’ or ‘no’. It may take so time for them to get used to the commands and execute them properly. You should have dedication and patience training it. Never give up on your dog as it surely has the potential to be a truly obedient companion. Creativity does wonders here because some dogs may respond better to different training methods.

Take note that you should never inflict any harm to our pets, no matter how frustrated and irritated you may become during the training. Hurting them is only discouraging and can be very damaging to its mental wellbeing. The dog may feel reluctant to listen to your commands or worse, avoid you completely. Remember that your dog has feelings also.

Always treat your dog and praise it for doing things right. Just like you and I, dogs love to be praised and acknowledged for the things they do. Simply saying “well done” and giving them a pat will do. If you like, there are snacks for dogs at your local store to encourage good behaviour.
Love your dog and they will love you in return.

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