Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat

Cats and Dogs are carnivores and they usually eat meat. With this fact pets, especially cats and dog are more susceptible to struvite crystals than the other pets. Normally, around eight five percent of pets with struvite bladder stones are usually female. Mostly breed’s pets of the same genre are in high risk of struvite crystals, especially those breed pets like the beagle, miniature schnauzer, and English cocker spaniel. In addition, the average age of pets infected with struvite bladder stones falls under 3 years and common to pets of 2.9 years.

In order to tackle Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat you first need to understand how it form and what the composition are. Struvite is a crystal composed of Magnesium, Ammonium, and Phosphate, it was also called Triple Phosphate due to the believe that the Phosphate ion was combined to three positive ions instead of just ammonium and magnesium. Usually struvite crystals are always blended with urine and when they present in a very large amounts they can easily form stones. When urine is infected with bacteria resulted ammonia, and this in turn result ammonium. Thus, this is the toxic to the cells of bladder wall which produce inflammatory. Now, preventing struvite crystals in your dog and cat is as simple as proteins released the inflammatory which usually form the actual stone.

You might be worry as to how do I tackle preventing struvite crystals in your dog and cat. Nevertheless, it needs not to worry you for this can be removed through surgically, by a special technique called dissolved via diet. Surgical advancement is that the stone is removed within and healing took place in a day. Dietary dissolution is also a possible mean to this infection, it done through a special food called S or D diet which is made with a special purpose to dissolve struvite stones. However, this is not the end task since some pets inclined to recurring bladder infection that reform struvite stone even after removing the crystals through surgical. Therefore, enhancing prevention is highly important and necessary for the health of your dogs and cats.

In order to poise Preventing Struvite Crystals in Your Dog and Cat dietary serve as a secondary mean. It is natural and home solutions, as it focus on the therapy of prevention before infection. According to senior research, protein creates more acid in urine which is good for preventing struvite crystals formation. Treating pets with commercial food is another way of putting in bladder stones risk for it is full of carbohydrates and starch. It is not recommendable that you should treat your pets of dogs and cats with dry food, especially to those pets having a history of bladder stones. Moreover, the higher carbohydrate level in foods with grains makes urine to be become alkaline the stem of struvite crystals. So, a diet which is low in carbs and higher in protein makes acidic urine which in turn helps for the prevention of struvite crystals. Feeding with meat-based food is the best defender for nullifying both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.

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