“I love my Pet and I want to keep it healthy”

If you are a pet lover, you want to maintain their health, with routine check ups at the veterinary office. If your pet becomes sick, you should immediately take them to the pet doctor. All pets should have regular routine vaccinations, to maintain their health. Keep your pets in a nurturing and healthy environment. They should get the proper nutrition of food daily. Your pet should have a routine check up to maintain their health, and if there are any problems it should be reported to the pet doctor.

Things you should know;

· Your pet must be identified at all times with a collar and an ID tag.

· Maintain a pet schedule every month for your pet.

· Maintain your pets dental checkups as often as possible.

· Make sure your pet is receiving the proper nutritional supplements needed to keep him or her healthy.

· Every month your pet has to have a heartworm and parasite exam.

Instead of chocolates (which can be deadly to a pet), celebrate with a new chew toy or squeaky toy instead. Your pet will thank you.

Watch out for potential dangers from Valentine presents, such as foil wrappings from candy, ribbons from flowers or balloons, and stuffed animals which look like a squeaky toy but aren't made for pets.

Also watch that pets don't chew on flowers given as gifts. Besides injuries from thorns, some flowers and plants can be irritating or toxic if chewed or swallowed.

If you are traveling with your pet, be sure and stop for rest periods and allow your pet to get out and take a brisk walk, which will exercise his limbs.

Be sensitive your pets surroundings, loud noise can sometimes upset and scare your pet, like fireworks, or loud ambulance sirens.

It is vitally important that you take an active role in your pets life. You will be able to know the various signs of your pets behavior and medical needs. If there is a problem

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