What to Do When Your Cat Pees Everywhere

Whether you have a cat that is young or old, female or male, calm or excited, they can all at some time think that they can pee anywhere. Many people have been frustrated at trying to figure out why their cats are going out of the litter box and most people have tried about anything to get them to stop. There are some things that you should do if you find your cat starting to go out of the litter box. You need to be patient, but if you follow the steps your cat should return to the litter box.

· Make sure your cat has a full checkup – cats will sometimes go right in front of you if they are sick. Urinary tract infections are one of the leading causes of health problems with your cat. Make sure to get your cat a regular health check up.

· Cats who are older may have joint problems that causes them to have a hard time getting in and out of the litter box so you should make the litter box as accessible as possible to help your cat be able to use it properly.

· If you have more than one cat you may need to have more than one litter box. Also, the type of litter that you use and how much of it you use could also be a source of the problem. You should change the litter box and also scrub it.

· If your cats act out by urinating on your things, it could be because they are unhappy about something so you should try giving your cat attention and playing more with them.

· Tom cats tend to spray anything that they want to make sure they mark their territory – if you get your cat neutered it can remedy this problem

· Elderly cats may suffer from feline dementia, which means they do not realize that they are doing something wrong by urinating on your items. You can by housebreaking pads and put them down wherever your cat is going the most often.

Make sure that when you find your cat urinating on anything to not rub their nose in it. They do not understand that they did something wrong if you don’t catch them right away so it is a better idea to spray them with a water bottle.

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