Pet’s Kingdom – a Cheap Way of Taming Your Dog

Most people, who have dogs, may be distressed after buying a puppy or dog and taking it home. This is mostly due to problems of the dog’s behavior that the owner finds hard to control.

Some of the strategies that work in calming a dog apart from training continuously include constant communication with the dog and positively supporting the dog in calming it down. In Pet’s Kingdom, an “Alpha” is usually the leader of the pack like in wolves, coyotes and dogs. The Alpha decides the activities of the pack. Having constant control of your dog will make the dog take you as the Alpha.

The first step should be constantly communicating with the dog. For instance, when you want him off the couch, make sure that you never allow him to stay there. When you fail to keep the dog off the couch even for a single time, the dog will continue sleeping on the couch and he will be testing whether you can allow him to sleep there again. When there are many members in family, every member should se to it that they make sure the pet is behaved.

The second step to positive control over the dog is by awarding the dog after it maintains good behavior. Telling the dog “Good boy” or giving it a snack is enough for a reward. The best way to train a dog is giving it training sessions of 15 minutes since long sessions make the dog bored.

The third step in training a dog is avoiding use of punishment as a means of training since it does not work. Punishment only works when administered at the time the dog is making a mistake. For instance, when a dog urinates and you rub its nose to the spot, it does not understand since the dog’s brains have already shifted to thinking something different.

When you use a positive deed to correct a behavior you want the dog to stop, the dog connects the good deed with what he does to get rewarded. When a dog urinates, you tell him not to do it and take him out until he urinates again then you reward him. Make sure that you only reward him when he urinates outside so that it sends the right signal.

Training your dog is an easy task when he recognizes you as the “Alpha” and when you take positive control without punishment. Making your dog behave is easy and the dog will be extra fun at home.

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