An Amazingly Easy Way to Stop the Barking of a Dog

There is no way one can expect the dog to stop barking once and for all. The best way to stop the dog from barking is by teaching it the right times to bark and when it should not bark. It could be helpful if you get a word that could be used as a command when you want the dog to bark. Such a word is helpful since it reduces the urge that the dog feels of barking even when it is not necessary and the dog will become accustomed to barking only when commanded. An example is when you train the dog and it only barks when it hears the command, “Rover, speak!”

The next step is making the dog to stop barking when there is no need to bark. There are reasons why the dogs bark even when it is not necessary though you might not notice this. There are reasons that are primarily known to the dog that make the dog to bark even when you do not see the need for the bark.

When a dog is barking, they could be trying to inform you of oncoming danger or they could be trying to attract your attention towards something. The important thing is that you should try and realize why the dog is barking and attend to the reason even if it is by removing the same. You should then appreciate the effort of the dog by giving it a compliment like “Thank you Rover” I see it and this should be done as you point at the cause. You should then in a polite but firm tone command the dog to stop barking and after you have commanded, the dog should realize your seriousness and stop. This is a good way of teaching the dog to stop barking.

When you use this method, it should lead you to the right direction towards reducing the frequency of the dog barking and you will have a dog that is quiet and well behaved.

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