Tips that will help you in washing your pet

A major consideration while you want to give your pet a bath is choosing an appropriate environment. When giving your pet a bath, always ensure the environment is secure for the pet and well fenced to avoid the pet getting hurt by running into traffic in case they escape from your grip. When you are bathing your pet in a sink or a bathtub, always ensure that you have tight grip on them to avoid chance where they would escape. The best way to make the pet feel secure while you are bathing them is by placing door rubber mats the sink or tub. The rubbers mats are cheap and they are effective in preventing the pet from running during bath sessions.

The best shampoos for washing your pets are those that are made specifically for the particular breed. This is because they do not destroy the coat of the pet by scraping off the oils on the coats that ensure the pet’s skin is healthy. If you opt to bath the pet with human shampoo, it is advisable to use shampoo made for children since it has a mild effect on the sensitive skin of the pet. When you use shampoo that has perfume on your pet, it could dry the pet’s skin which is sensitive and this will make the pet scratch and have hot spots which will in turn need treatment.

Before bathing your pet, brush its coat. This makes the pet relax and it also removes the loose and dead hairs. This avoids the loose hair blocking the drainage system.

Water that is luke warm is the best for a pet bath. Hot water burns the pet’s sensitive skin and cold water chills the pet and makes the bath a torture. Avoid filing the tub with water to avoid excess spillage when the pet is nervous during the bath. Always give your house pet a bath with minimum water.

While the pet bathing involves a sprayer or a hose, always take care not to spray the mouth, eyes and nose. When water enters these parts of the pet, the bath will not be memorable and enjoyable.

The correct way to bath a pet is by starting to rub the shampoo from the area behind the ears headed to the tail. Rub the shampoo on the coat in circular motion and when you rinse the coat ensure all the soap is removed to avoid irritation of the pet’s skin which in turn makes the pet to scratch and rub. An irritation could make you treat your pet for hot spots.

Playing with the pet after the bath is good ways of showing it that you still love it.

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