Understanding Your Pet Dog’s Emotions

When you own a dog, it’s important you understand about their emotions. While it may seem inconceivable that they have emotions, your pet dog’s emotions are there just like your own… they are just as important.

Dog Emotion - Happy

Dogs do not show emotions as humans do. In fact, their emotions can be rather multifarious especially if you are unsure what a particular emotion is and what it stands for. There are many ways a dog can show their emotions about a certain event. However, you can almost always tell when a dog is happy…their ears typically perk up. Their tail may also wag. Always look for those pet dog emotions so you can learn about them.

Dog Emotion – Angry or Fearful

There are many ways a dog may show you he/she is angry. For instance, if you want to know how your pet dog will show they are angry, look for teeth. If they are showing you their teeth, chances are they are angry. The showing of teeth is a defensive mechanism your pet will use if it’s angry or fearful. Another pet dog emotion that can be seen is the muscles becoming stiff and its tail is lowered. The lowering of the tail is actually a submissive pose but it’s used in conjunction with other pet dog emotions so it looks more aggressive.

Dog Emotion – Sad or Depressed

Another pet dog emotion you may see is depression or sadness. Your pup may choose to show these two emotions in several ways. Depression can occur when your dog has suffered from a traumatic event such as: the loss of an owner, loss of another member of the family including playmate or animal, lack of interaction and family tension. How can you tell if a dog is suffering from depression? Dogs will usually not interact with anyone and would rather lie about. They may not even perk their ears up when someone they love comes into the room.

Dogs don’t cry but do have a way of showing how they feel inside. When you learn your pet dog’s emotions, you learn more about your own pet.

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