Offer a Home to an Old Dog

Many pounds and rescue kennels in most parts of the world are full of cats and dogs that need better homes. Christmas is an ideal time when the friends who are fur coated get good homes. The major problem is that only a number of the mature animals get another chance to live good lives again. People mostly choose kittens and puppies mostly because they look at the attractive coats. This makes the puppies and the kitten to have an advantage over the older animals in the kennels.

After I gave a home to a number of the older cats and dogs, I would make an honest recommendation that people should adopt the mature animals instead of the young ones. The dog we currently have is 10 years old and we adopted him when he was seven years old. He had fleas; he was hungry, exhausted and worried. He has since changed into a splendid animal and everywhere he goes, people comment positively about him. He makes our lives joyous, behaves well, plays anytime and he is trustworthy and sociable with children. We would not need anything else from a dog. This is because this dog has given us all the satisfaction that people look for in a dog.

There are various advantages of not adopting a kitten or a puppy. It’s absolute that if you want to adopt an animal you have some amount saved for training and caring for the animal. Younger animals will need training not only in the house but also lead training and training on obedience. There are other costs that arise from vaccinations, sprays and sterilizers and the young animals have to be watched constantly to avoid cases where they chew up Grandpa’s slippers when they are teething or they do not gnaw on the grand piano’s legs. The older pets do not need house training and vaccinations since they have already gone through the processes.

The only drawback of adopting an old animal is that they have a short life after adoption. This is because they have already lived a better part of their life which could have been characterized by unfair living conditions. The appreciation received from these fur coated friends is much more than the disadvantage of having them shortly.

Give an old dog a second life and become a friend.

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