A Safe Way to Enjoy Your Pet

You can’t expect your pet to pet responsible and keep out of trouble. We as pet lovers and their guardian should protect them at all times. It’s the only way we can enjoy them. If you are taking your pet out for a walk, you should be careful of the surroundings. It is important that you be considerate of others, many people do not like pets or they maybe afraid of them so take caution and respect them by not passing by them or exposing them to anyone or thing that may harm them.

· Always keep your pet on a leash preferably a short one, so he won’t attempt to chase any cars or any other pets.

· Bring along a pet snack when you are out with your pet, they like to rewarded for good behavior. You can also bring along their favorite toy, so they will be entertained with fun things to do.

· Clean up after your pet whether at home or enjoying an outing.

· Locate an appropriate area for your pet to use the restroom, where others are not present.

· Respect other pet owners with their pets, by not allowing your pet to disturb their pet.

· It is most important to be friendly and polite to everyone while enjoying you pet.

Your pet is know to be “mans best friend” and be that as it may, you can enjoy your pet more by keeping him or her healthy and away from things that will harm it. If you are out for a long period of time, just like a child they get bored so you want to pack their favorite in a sack. Here are some suggested items;

1. Leash and collar ID tag.
2. Vaccination Records
3. Disinfectant cleaner
4. Paper towels or a blanket
5. A toy of their desire.

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