The Goldfish: The Original Family Pet

Through the generations, goldfish have continued to be the favored family pet. They are often kept in small or medium sized fish bowls or in a small pond.

Most people often wonder why goldfish are everlastingly popular as pets. One of the biggest reasons that goldfish are primarily great for families is because of allergies. When a parent or child is allergic to a specific kind of animal, it cannot be kept in the house. However, as far as I know, nobody has been allergic to a goldfish yet. Not only are they great for sinuses, goldfish are also very easily maintained. The fish will need to be fed a couple times a day and the bowl cleaned when it looks dirty. Other than that, a person can’t really play with a fish nor does it require a variety of foods. The only tasking thing for a goldfish would probably be if the owner wants to change the bowls’ scenery or not.

When selecting a goldfish at a pet store, there are a few different colors to choose from. The main goldfish varieties are: Black Moor, Bubble Eye, Butterfly Tail, Celestial Eye, Comet, Fantail, along with a few others. Each type of goldfish is unique and simplistically beautiful in its own way. Whichever goldfish that a family might choose, it is recommended to keep in mind that they do not live long, they most likely can’t be taken to a vet and they aren’t a hands-on type of pet.

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