Three Different Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are well known animals throughout the entire world. They can be found in the wild around to lots of vegetation or farms. Rabbits are also very well known for being household pets. These animals make good pets because they can be kept in a wire cage most of the time and when they’re out, they can hop around and find fun on their own. Some of the top breeds of rabbits include: the Alaskan rabbit, the American Checkered Giant and the Dwarf Hotot rabbit.

An Alaskan rabbit is considered to be stumpy and thickset with a tiny neck, meaning their heads are held close to their bodies. They normally have bright, brown-black ears which are held open and straight. The sleekest feature of this breed of rabbit would have to be its jet-black fur. Also, contrary to its name, the Alaskan rabbit developed in Germany. The Alaskan rabbit is more bred to be a good house pet or a show animal.

Next is the Checkered Giant rabbit. This breed of rabbit is considered to be very large and active. This black or blue spotted rabbit was first spotted in Germany. The Checkered Giant rabbit breed often weighs 11 pounds or more.

The last rabbit is the Dwarf Hotot. This breed usually weighs 3 pounds or less. The only marking on the usually entire white rabbit is the black eye band around each eye. Dwarf Hotot’s were originally black but the bleaching gene inside them has changed their fur to white. When this breed of rabbit is injured, the fur will normally grow back black.

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