German Shepherd Dog Your Companion

The word German shepherd was coined by Max von Stephanitz which literally means “Sheep herding dogs”. He welded a variety of sheep herding dogs into a breed.

In 18th & 19th centuries, Dogs were used to herd sheep and cattle by the shepherds in Germany but those dogs were of no specific origin. The only requirement was one of utility and not much importance was giving to its looks. By late 1900’s, that a movement was begun to improve the methods of sheep herding.

This method was begun and led by Captain von Stephanitz and it lead to the formation of the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, SV. This led to the development of Modern German Shepherd Dogs. These breeds have sustained a position in the top 10 registered breeds in the United States. Now German Shepherd Dogs can be seen in different parts of the world.

When comparing to other breeds German shepherd dogs are large dog breeds. Its fur color can be tan & black or red & white. They are also available in all white, all black, blue, liver and sable. A German shepherd can live up to 11 to 12 Years.

The German Shepherd Dogs are characterized by its excellent Intelligence, adaptability, energy and strength. The German shepherds have become a most popular and acceptable breed because of its trainability and loyalty.

The German shepherd have high Intelligence and they are considered as the world’s third most intelligent breed just next to Border Collie and Poddle. Training these breeds are easy, as it is a fast learner, Just about five repetations and the dog can understand what you are about to teach, However the training would be best, if we try to teach, when it is a puppy.

These breeds are highly adaptable. They are friendly with the people. They are associated with, and even with small children. They are very loyal and faithful to their owners, the only thing is we have to look after them with great care and love.

They have great strength which can knock down anyone at one push. They have well built body than other dog breeds.

These breeds are also of great help in detecting death threats like explosives, during search and rescue operations like narcotics detection and cadaver searching.

The German shepherd can be affected by its own ailments which include bloat and aortic stenosis, which can later on lead to arthritis. Proper care should be taken to maintain these breeds in good health.

As these breeds are taller, a higher fence should be provided to prevent it from jumping over. We provide a better shelter for its living and lots of love, which it needs.

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