Why should I protect my Pet?

A pet is a mans best friend. As you travel along your journey, you can prepare your pet for the ride by making sure he or she has his basic necessities which are:

Ÿ pet food - be sure and the food you choose has the proper nutrients and vitamins that will keep your pet happy.
Ÿ a dog blanket - If it gets cold in some areas you want to make sure that your pet keeps the right temperature.
Ÿ dog toys - pets have toys that are displayed at various pet stores. Be sure and choose one that will not harm them.
Ÿ pet ramp (which helps protects your pet step out of a truck or van.)

These are items that will make your pet comfortable as he rides along in your vehicle. If you have to leave him alone in your vehicle make sure that you give him or her enough air to breathe. It is against the law to leave a pet in a hot vehicle without providing a way for them to breathe. A pet can suffocate in minutes if they get too hot.

Your pet can protect you from harm and danger. A pet is useful as a protector in the day or night when a prospective burgular is trying to invade you or your property. A pet can also keep you company as a single person living alone.

Make sure your pet has the proper nutrition and exercise daily. They should have daily walks in the park to maintain the energy flow throughout their bodies.

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Patrice said...

I agree, we should protect our beloved pets and provide their basic needs for them to be healthy.