Keeping Your dog From Bothering Your Neighbors

A dog can carry on a lot of noise with their barking noise, but there is something that you can do. Here are some things that you can do to keep your dog from bothering the neighbors;

1. Observe your dog when he first starts barking and find out what is setting him off to bark continuously.

2. Be sure your dog gets the attention that he needs like;

Ÿ exercise - daily walks in the park will be essential for both you and your pet. It enables him to get plenty of oxygen for his lungs.

Ÿ proper food nutrition - when feeding your pet, be sure and read the labels for the right ingredients contained in the food.

Ÿ showing love to your pet - give your pet the much needed attention he deserves.

This will help you identify the root of your dogs problem. You can begin immediately trying to solve the problem.

3. Another good tip is spending quality time with your pet. All dogs need tender loving care and just like babies, toddlers and adults they do not like to be ignored.

4. Make sure your pet is sleeping at night and also a nap throughout the day. This will help your pet not to be so anxious when various activities occur on a daily basis.

In conclusion I can tell you that if you follow the above tips and utilize them daily. If your pet continues to bark out of control, then you may want to seek medical attention immediately.

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