The Pug: The Small Wrinkly-Faced Companion

Pugs are small toy breed dogs, loved by many. They have flat, wrinkled face and curled tail. They come in four different colors like black, grey, apricot or fawn with black ears and face. An apricot is a rare breed where as the fawn breed is a very common breed. A Pug can weigh usually from 14 to 18 pounds and grow up to 10 or 11 inches height.

The Origin of Pugs was from china during 700 BC, they were smuggled by the Dutch who visited china for trade purposes and hence they became a popular breed in many European countries. They can now be seen in many European and Asian countries and they are used for hearing aid and therapies. These breed of dogs are good companions to their owners and friendly to the people they are associated with.

Pugs normally do not bark, instead they make noisy, nasal sound which can sound louder, when they are excited or angry. A Pug can live up to 10 to 13 years and if proper care taken, they can live up to 18 or more .

Pugs are sociable and friendly, but also act stubborn sometimes. They like to be in company and hate being alone. They bark and often whine, when they are left alone. But this can be eradicated by proper training. They get along with other pets and love to be in constant attention of the owner. They get well with children and guests and are playful and even good guards. But sometimes, they may be stubborn and may act tough, so families with kids may not understand the real nature of the pugs, and may not be willing to adapt one. But these breeds can get along with most kids and other pets.

The Pugs are also quick learners and quite intelligent. They can be trained with ease and they love to be exercised everyday and enjoy their exercises.

These breeds also get affected by their own ailments like breathing problems and skin infections. Pugs have no skeletal brows and hence their corneas can be damaged in some cases. They are mostly prone to skin allergies and proper care should be taken in order to keep their faces clean and proper exercises should be given to them in order to prevent them from many infections, since they are overeaters. They also can suffer from Pug Dog Encephalitis, which is said to hereditary and there is no proper cure or cause for it.

Since Pugs are considered as the companions of royalty and its friendly nature with other pets, they can serve as good pets and good guard dogs.

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