Vitamins And Natural Supplements For Your Pets

There are some vitamins and common natural supplements available to keep your animal fit and fine. Before giving these vitamins and natural supplements to your animal you must consult your veterinary doctor because metabolism in human and animals are different. Therefore, some vitamins can harm your pets’ health.

You must take your pet to your vet for regular check up and must bring to notice of your vet if your dog has any kind of illness. Vitamins and natural supplements are easily available nowadays but you must seek your vet’s advice before you give them to your pet. If you dog is undergoing on any medication for some illness you must ask vet’s prescription for vitamins and natural supplements as these medications can acts adversely when you give vitamins or natural supplements to you pet. There are number of sources like websites, magazines and other health articles for pet which recommends the vitamins or natural supplements that best suits your animal. It always good to take experts opinion as some vitamins and natural supplements cannot suit for some pets.

Vitamins and Natural supplements

Here are some vitamins and natural supplements for your pets against ailments and promote their health.

Glucosamine and Chondroitan: Glucosamine and chondroitan is best supplements for the pets suffering from arthritis and joint pain. These supplements help in rebuilding cartilage and thicken joint fluid that cushions and protects the joints. Most of the veterinarian prescribes these medicines as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

Milk Thistle: Milk thistle is best for the pets that have liver problems like hepatitis. Doctors recommend milk thistle for pets with liver problem as this protects liver cell from toxins.

Ginger: This is Chinese medicine good for stomach problems. Ginger has been used for centuries as medication for anti-inflammatory. This has been known best for animals with carsickness and other digestive problems such as diarrhea and gas.

Echinacea: Echinacea are best in improving the immune system and are best to fight against infections and diseases in your pet.

Slippery Elm: Slippery Elm is known as a cough suppressant. This is best supplements for improving digestive system. The pets who suffers from upset stomachs are given bark of tree as medication

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The oils from cold-water fish are recommended and known best for pets. This helps as an aid in treatment of heart disease, cancer, allergies, arthritis and kidney disease.

Choline: Choline is a supplement helpful for those pets that have cognitive disorders and seizures.

Vitamins: Vitamins play an important role in the health and proper functioning of your pets’ body. Each vitamin plays its own role in proper functioning of different parts of your pets’ body. Vitamins such as Vitamin A provide healthy skin and coat. Vitamin B helps with metabolism and proper growth. Vitamin C is best vitamin used for hip dysphasia, arthritis and urinary tract problems. This helps combat the aging process and cancer. Vitamin D plays important role for bone development, and nerve and muscle functions of your pet. Vitamin E helps to relieve the discomfort of arthritis and cancer.

Vitamins and natural supplements are good for promoting your pets’ health. The dosage of these vitamins and natural supplements vary depending on its age, size, breed, and so on. You must consult your vet to determine the dosage and types of vitamins or supplements you are going to provide for your pet. It is recommended to close monitor your pet when you add a new vitamin or supplements to your pets’ diet. Your vet is the best person to recommend good vitamin or natural supplements for your pets. Nowadays there are insurance available for your pets and it helps if an unseen medical expense comes for treating your pet.

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