Tips on Taking care of Ball Pythons

In today's world most of the people still afraid snakes but amazingly there are some who have and own them as their pet especially ball pythons. Some snakes might be still fearful as their bit can cause an aggressive or poisoning death. As many possess ball pythons as their pet it become a very lovely snake though it was once fearful for man. Tips on taking care of Ball Pythons become an important article as people widely tamp them but here what I want to say is, the doctors first need to know the real condition of his or her patient before he prescribe medicine. Now to know how to treat Ball pythons first we need to know their condition.

The Ball pythons are mostly found in the border of Western and Central Africa’s forest. They are consider to be a small snake ranging from four to five (4-5) feet. Marvelously they can be either on the tree or on the grounds. It further amaze when I learn that they eat only once in every week and can go out to weeks without eating again. Normally they are shy. Generally, Ball Pythons attend their sexual maturity when they are three years old or about 1000 or the more grams. The ideal weight for the female Ball pythons is 15000 grams or it also can goes beyond that.

Their breeding season begins when the temperature lap and moisture level is increase, mostly this could be in or around November and sometime it can goes till January. They often hatch their eggs during the months February and March, and hatch out in either April or May. These are some of the importance things to remember about Ball Pythons and they should be always in the mind to those who love Ball Pythons for their pets. I believe after along discussion about Ball Pythons one would gather a lot of information concerning how to handle them carefully or Tips on taking care of Ball Pythons however, I just would like to suggest few more advice on this.
Don’t force your Ball Python to be tackle immediately when it seems to be slack and doesn’t want to awake. By doing this you can be in danger for the python will gives hissing sound and normally it use to threaten with her tail.

Whenever you are wrapped by Ball Python on you neck or your arms never try to unwrap it from its head or lest you will be hard. Because there are sensitive snake with bad temperament especially right after eating.

It’s always good to put the Ball Python bank to its tank after feeding her, as we said there are some snakes that are in hot temper after eating. Always use fir bark for saving because aspen and pine are danger to cause respiratory. Sometime it is good to bath your snake especially when they are shed. And always keep on checking the humidity; make sure that you’re leveling according the need of your pet.

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