Humid hide for your Leopard Gecko or Crested Gecko

A humid hide is a place where your Gecko rest and have a time of recreation. It is in one sense a shed where moist retain and lightly saturated. Your Gecko is well please when she is inside the humid, further it is also a place where she love to lay eggs. Though we the human beings are from the same race we like different thing and have diversity of choice. Gecko Leopards are also susceptible in this different choice from one another. Some like humid and some warm place however, most of them love humid. And we ought to be careful in this different need.

Humid hides or a lay-moist-box is important for leopard geckos’ health. Because without having proper access to moist rest and humidity geckos are in risk of trouble shedding and even their life can be also in danger. It is said if they don’t enjoy humidity some are susceptible to some sort of digesting problem. So what we need to do for our pet the Gecko Leopard is to create a humid hide where our pet can enjoy a blissful lifetime.

To create a humid hide for Leopard Gecko is simple you don’t need to go for an expensive material to make a moist box. Because spending more money for humid hide and an expensive one doesn’t mean Gecko enjoy more. The Geckos enjoy only the moist place not the expensive shed. If you want to create the simplest and cheapest of humid hide for Gecko Leopard you need not to suffer just do the following instruction. First you go and buy one big enough plastic container, vermiculite, and gather some moss. The second thing you need to do is just make a hole on your plastic container for access, then place two to four inches of perlite and vermiculite. Remember to keep moss on the bottom. Leopard Geckos have much interest in color and it’s good to decorate the humid hide surrounding. Finally, you are ready to add water but be sure you don’t add more water coz adding more will make your work random, moreover if it is to dry the same random you do. So, add the amount that is just to match for the moistening of your humid hide. This is not the end, but from now you are going to begin the consistent part of the work. You need to check it out at least once in a week or for more safety once in four days. Every time you check your duty is to keep the hide moist. If it is too dry make it wet when you do this don’t just pour down water rather it should be done slightly by dripping water.

The amazing thing is if the Leopard Gecko is in extreme stress of fear it is said that their tail tend to fall off. So, it would be wise to keep away children and avoid thing that can create stress or fear to Gecko Leopard while handling them. Never give humid with perlite or vermiculite to a baby geckos for they tent to eat and become impacted further, its good to provide damp paper towel in small plastic container.

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