Massaging Your Pets

You should know the importance of massaging a pet in pet caring. Touching your pet and massaging it gently, is good for both the pet and yourself. It gives your pet and immense pleasure and you can hear the sounds or moans coming from their mouths because of this feeling. The Massaging also keeps your pet in a pink of health. Normally veterinarians prefer these types of treatments for your pets to keep them in good health, but you require no training to do it yourself, it is easy to learn and very safe to give your pet a good feel by touching its skin.

Massaging your pets also helps to decrease their heart rates gradually and helps them to relax. This hand on healing not only helps your pets to recover its health, but keeps yourself in good health by decreasing your blood pressure and stress levels. It also helps you to prevent yourself from colds, backaches and insomnia. The massaging helps to stimulate the release of endorphins and natural chemicals found in the body of your pets, which gradually relieves the pain and gives a good feeling to them. It also helps to stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems which helps to remove lactic acids from their sore spots.

It is important to know the type of message to give to your pet in order to get good results from it. You need to know the right spot to massage for your pets and the required pressure to heal their pains. There are different types of strokes that you can give to your pets.


In this type, you can move your palm from the head of your pet down to its tail and feet, giving them long and slow strokes gently. It helps the flow of the blood in the body of your pet and helps them to relax gradually. You can start this massage with a soft touch and then gradually increasing the pressure, you can see that your pet is relaxing gradually and you can end it when your pet is asleep.

Fingertip massage

You can give a fingertip massage to your pets in sore areas like a sore hip or a painful area at the back. You can extend your fingers, join them together and can give a massage by rubbing its body gently in small circular patters. You should move the muscles of your pets firmly in circular patters. You can do this until you feel the pet has relaxed its muscles.


In this type of massage, you can grip the muscles just next to the bones by squeezing and rolling them gently. You should first know whether your pet is comfortable for this type of massage, if it resists at the start up, you can feel that it is uncomfortable and you can stop it immediately. But this technique helps in good flow of blood and removal of lactic acids from its body.

Trigger Points

In this technique, you can just press on the trigger points, which are actually the muscle spasms seen on your pets body. It helps to push blood out of these muscles and ejecting toxic metabolites, there by refilling with fresh oxygen. Touching a trigger points can make your pet jump and resist itself because these points are very sensitive to them and painful. You can use your thumb or your forefinger by slowly pressing down on the spot and holding the points for about five seconds.

You can use these techniques to keep your pet in good health, thereby decreasing the cost that you spend on vets and for your pets, health needs. Normally a ten-minute massage is enough for most of the pets.

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