The 3 Biggest Mistakes When Training Your Dog

While it may seem fun and easy, training your dog may turn out to be more of a chore for some of us. Training them depends heavily on your dog specifically….its breed, its background, and even its disposition. Many inexperienced people do not notice that they are in fact making serious mistakes in their effort.

When you have decided begin the training, take some time to come up with a training plan for reference. Make some goals for the training sessions and try to achieve them within the stated time frame. Also lay down a set of rules and adhere to them strictly during the course of the training. Below are three basic rules to keep in mind:

Rule one:

Refrain from shouting at your dog. Most inexperienced trainers are impatient and get frustrated if they do not see results immediately. When this happens, they often resort to shouting and screaming at the dog. This defeats the purpose of the training in mind, besides it won’t understand anything you scream. The goal should be to train your dog to obey commands in your calm but firm voice, and not your yelling voice.

Rule two:

Take no more than 15 minutes for a single training session. Most amateurs believe that the more time you spend on a dog, the more obedient it will be. This cannot be further from the truth as dogs have a shorter attention span compared to you and me. Thus if you stretch a training session beyond 15 minutes, it will only make the dog frustrated, and maybe frustrate yourself in the process too.

Rule three:

Never forget to praise or treat your dog when it completes a task or executes a command correctly. Dogs love to be appreciated too and will perform better if you keep reminding them that they are doing a good job. Give them the confidence that what it is doing is correct and it pleases you very much.

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