Dog Names

Naming a dog is part of a special process of bringing a new friend into your family. There are several ways of naming your dog. Some people do like to name their dog depending on their personality; like giving a dog name as Ebony, Happy or shorty. There are also groups of other people who consider their dog as part of their family such that they give a dog human name like Abby, Katy, or Jack. People who look at the dog as pets would give names that are closely associated with animals like Captain, Dazzle, or Scooter.

There is also a group of other people who would like calling their dog names such as Mercedes or Fifi or a tough name like Panzer. A group of others would call their dog silly names like Tooty, Squirt, or Biscuit. Others would name a dog in honor of a previous one. When you buy your dog, it may already have a name so it will depend on you to retain the name or change it to another one of your choice. Nevertheless, it is recommended by animal behaviorists that you change the name because the dog may associate the one it already has with unpleasant experience.

Behaviorists say that a new name will wipe the slate clean thereby signifying a new life. The dog will thus change its behavior once he notices that he is no longer called the name he used to. In other words, the dog name may be the only thing that he knows so it will help him in adjusting into his new home. Being the owner of a dog means that you use a lot of judgment especially if you know the dog’s history. Therefore naming a dog is something interesting, as its name will tend to suggest the behavior of the dog.