What to do When Traveling with Reptiles

It seems like, nowadays, people are traveling more and more with their animals. Creatures of all kinds are popping up in airports and flying below the deck of an airplane. Now, with all of those animals, there come many precautions, careful preparations and extensive safety procedures. One of the most difficult types of animals to travel with are reptiles.

Reptiles, even in their home environment, can be quite troublesome. They need specific amounts of heat, certain foods (insects, etc) and their cages might need to be cleaned daily. With that being said, can you imagine how difficult it’d be to pack up a reptile to travel on an airplane for a couple of hours? There are, however, pet carriers made especially for traveling reptiles. Said carriers are usually made from cardboard. They aren’t necessarily long time use carriers but they get the job done for small airplane trips. The boxes have small vent holes which, quite obviously, allow the reptile to breathe.

Lucky for reptiles, though, they don’t necessarily have to be stored below the seating area of the plane. Of course, that all varies on how the airline company is. Some airlines may want the reptiles to be away from other passengers or they may allow them to be counted as a carry-on. Either way, it is suggested that the pet owner make sure the traveling box is as comfortable as possible. Being confined in a dark, unfamiliar and, most possibly, cold space may cause the reptiles great stress which could affect it in negative ways later on.

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