How to Travel with Birds

In my mind, birds are one of the most unusual kinds of animal for a person to bring with them on a trip. Small birds, such as canaries, finches and budgies are birds that a very easily startled. Thus, they don’t necessarily work well when it comes to traveling on a plane. On the other hand, bigger birds, such as cockatoos and macaws, like to travel. Traveling gives them the chance to become excited about the rest of the world and sparks their curiosity. Also, if they are left alone at home, they can suffer separation anxiety.

Contrary to popular belief, traveling with birds isn’t difficult. However, there are still some essential tips to keep in mind when bringing your bird buddies along. First, a person should access the routine of the bird and if they will be able to maintain that same pattern. Young birds haven’t established a difficult routine yet but more mature birds may have a certain way of living that they do not want to change. Both of you will most likely have to compensate on some things.

When traveling, be sure to make time for your bird. Ask questions like: How long can they comfortably stay in their cage? Will I have time for them when I arrive at my destination? Is it legal to take my bird into this country or state? All of these are essential questions to gain important knowledge so that the trip doesn’t get ruined in the end. Also, it is recommended to get your bird vaccinated for any potential sicknesses (this also prevents their ‘normal’ sicknesses from infecting other countries/states).

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