What to do if You’re Traveling with Fish

Traveling from one place to another can be tiring and slightly difficult, especially with a fish. Fish require special treatment, obviously. They don’t breathe the same way people do; they eat different foods and live in an entirely different environment. All and all, fish need plenty of water. Therefore, traveling with a fish can be quite hazardous.

Luckily, there are some tips for a traveling fish owner that are decently easy to follow. When taking the fish with you, be sure to obtain a smash-proof container. A pail with air holes or a sturdy plastic bag could also work. Fill a third of the container with water from their aquarium and place the fish in. If using a plastic bag, be sure to double bag it and tie with a rubber band. However, keep in mind that, even though the bag is doubled, it can be very easy to puncture. Be sure to bring plenty of backups in case of emergency.

When loading up whichever vehicle you are using for transportation, make sure to keep the fish container in an easily accessible spot. For every four to six hours, it is recommended that the fish owner open the container to let in fresh air. Before the trip begins, it is suggested that the owner bring as much of the original aquarium water as possible. This allows the fish owner to change out the water in the container so that the fish can be cleaner. The fish should be placed into the aquarium as soon as the owner arrives at the end destination.

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