Your Cat can Experience Stress

Stress is not common to the human person, but it has been demonstrated in cats also. Your cat will become very irritable and with great discomfort. It is important to know the various ways to keep stress away from your cat.

Here are just a few:

Keeping your litter box clean. When a cat refuse their own litter box, that is the first sign of stress in a cats life. You should immediately inspect the litter box to make sure that you do not find any problems.

Observe your surrounding areas - your cat will react according to the area that they are in. Be sure and pay close attention to where you reside and the things that are around you.

Hiding - A cat can have panic attacks or maybe even go into hiding. This is a major concern that involves stress in a cat.

Aggression - Your cat will show aggression toward a certain type of people, so you should observe the type of people that are around. They will also become threatened by angry animals.
Pay attention to your cat’s appetite - If your cat is happy they will have no problem with eating or playing. Your cat can experience stress due to lack of the wrong type of food or lack of proper nutrition.

You must take it upon yourself to know and understand your cat. This will help you help your cat overcome the stress that can overwhelm them.

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