Homemade Dog Food Recipes That You Can Create Yourself

All dog foods are not similar, and because the quality is different, many owners, in the hunt to keep their pet’s health at its peak, have discovered that the best option is to make homemade dog food. For this reason many Internet sites all over the internet have come up with different homemade dog food recipes.

Majority of these recipes posted are loaded with the right ingredients for precise nutrition and even provide the proper vitamins so that your pet can be at the best of its health. It is a good deal for you and your pet.

Almost all ingredients used to make homemade dog food can be available at any market easily.
Time is of course, the largest outlay to making homemade dog food, however most pet lovers agree that the consideration of saving their pet from an agonizing death due to the damaging additives that have been found in commercially prepared dog food are well worth the time that is spent in making the feed at home.

Making homemade dog food not only is good for your pets health but can save you a considerable amount of money. By making dog food at home, you dog can experience different tastes and you can easily judge what he likes and what he dislikes. Good animal nutrition should never cost too much when the solution is easy and can be done at home.

A good and easy homemade dog food recipe is given below.


2 whole chicken breasts

2 peeled and cubed potatoes

2 cups of uncooked rice

Six cups of water

3 peeled and sliced carrots

1 cup of celery (sliced)


Put the chicken in a pot and pour water over it.

Put the potatoes, celery and carrots in the pot and also include some salt. Let it simmer for 2 hours or till the chicken is cooked and tender.

After that, add the rice and let in cook for another twenty five minutes till the rice have absorbed the liquid.

Take it off the heat and stir it and then let it cool.

Serve it to your dog when it is at room temperature and see how quickly he finishes it and wants more.


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