Are Dogs More Friendly Than Cats

We may have different opinions on this issue but depending on previous interaction, for instance if you have been attached to all these type of pets or one of the types you have a point to support. Delivering this from experience, if you ever had time with both the pets, dogs and cats, you can have every reason to agree with me that, the dogs are friendlier and also loyal than cats are.

Dogs remain with us always while cats do it when they have too little to do. It is self-spoken that the dogs belong to the class of pack animals and believe in working as a team. This is one of the reasons that the dogs do not like living in the wild rather they consider us part and parcel of the pack.

Dogs stick to fellow dogs and this is obviously extended to us as a major part of their world. All in all, this pack bears different rankings with humans being the top dogs in relation to the dog pack. When our presence is not realized, a problem may crop up leading to assumed leadership.

Cats tend to survive on their own avoiding human beings attention thus they love living in groups. Their lack of friendship comes in because they may not rely on leadership but rather, depend on us while they want us to feed them.

Cats have the tendency to walk from house to house in search of better offers. Sometimes the cat may leave the home for the neighborhood but a dog which has a friendly owner has no reason to go for this, rather it sticks to him.

Much as we need some declaration, dogs tend to have a very strong bond with people than cats and a dog does this to reward people’s efforts.

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