How to Get Rid of Roundworms

Roundworms come from eggs that are found in animal droppings and there are a variety of ways in which the eggs could get there. One reason that the eggs can be found there is that the animal ate another animal that had the roundworms. Or as is often common with dogs, the animal can eat the feces of another animal that had roundworms.

It is hard to treat roundworms right away because the roundworm larva that have recently hatched are immune to medicines used to de-worm animals. The larva is able to move through the intestinal walls of your pet until they reach the pets’ lungs. Once the larva reaches the lungs in your pet it can be coughed out and swallowed again, or ingested by another animal. Since roundworms can be passed between animals, there is a good chance that anyone who has a pet can experience roundworms in them. There are signs and symptoms that you can watch for in your pet to help you catch the roundworms early on:

· Your pet begins to have a pot-bellied appearance

· Your pet may experience some vomiting

· Your pet may experience poor growth or frequent loss of appetite

· Your pet may experience weight loss

· Your pet may experience diarrhea and dehydration

· You may notice worms or parts of the worms that show up in your animals feces or around their anus

· You may notice worms or parts of worms in and around the bedding that your pet uses

You have to act quickly when you learn that your pet has been infected with roundworms in order to help them get rid of them and to stop the spreading of them to other pets and animals. Your vet can recommend a medication to give to your pets to help get rid of the worms and in some cases the complete removal of roundworms will require multiple treatments. You can also try to help your pets avoid getting infested with roundworms by watching them closely when they are outside and around other animals and try to stop them from ingesting the feces or vomit of another pet or animal who may be infested with roundworms.

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