What Should You Feed Your Pet Parrot?

How long and how happy your pet parrot is all depends on the environment and most importantly the food that you give to him. Everyone wants their pet parrot to be happy, cheerful and friendly but what many people don’t know is, the giving poor diet or the same thing over and over again can create serious health factors, illness and depression in the bird.

We humans like variety in food, we want different things at different times. Same is the case with parrots. Do not expect your bird to be happy and cheerful by just giving him a cheap seed diet daily.

A badly fed pet parrot cannot survive for more than 4-5 years whereas a well fed bird can be your life long companion.

So, what should you feed your parrot?
Consult your vet on what is the best food choice for your pet parrot. There are variety of good parrot foods according to the breed. Choose some wisely and not just by cheap prices. Along with these, always give some vitamins to the parrot so that he stays healthy.

Change his water daily and provide him with fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Many parrots love almonds and they also help in their talking.

When giving seeds to parrots, make sure you know which seeds are ok for them. Apple seeds as well as caffeine, chocolate, alcohol etc can kill you bird.
So be cautious and choose the food wisely and live a happy life with your pet parrot.

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