Horses have lived on Earth for over 55 million years. They have been part of history since very old times. About a century ago we used to fight battles on them, now we ride on them, use them in farms and also keep them as pets. Horses have grown and changed but they have still been our friends and helpers in work.


Most horses have been tamed by humans. They are now are friends and help us in work and some poor people in some countries use them as a transport. Tame horses have strong sense of their owners and are very loyal to them. We have to treat them nicely so they like us and do not want them to get hurt because of them.


Some horses have still not been found or are left to be free and rome on this Earth freely. If a person tries to ride on them they will make him/her fall and cause them a serious injury . Wild horses need to be trained by an expert if you want to ride them or keep them as pets. You will need to see them daily for a month or two if you want them to recognize them or like you.


Different horses are divided into different breeds like Thoroughbred, Arabian, Quarterhorse and Morgan. Horses of different breeds have different looks,height, speed and sometimes also feed. Horses of different breeds have different prices.


Horses need to be vaccinated to make them healthy and keep them safe from many fatal and dangerous diseases. If you are a loving pet owner it is your biggest responsibility to take care of your horse’s health. Many horses have also died because of coldness or severe hot weather. We need to see that he has a perfect weather and also shelter.


When your horse is born his colour may be black but when he is about 4 or 5 months old his colour may be white. It is not probable how many times will your horse changes its colour. So, you should not be too happy on the colour of your pony when it is born newly.


Horse have a specific feed at specific times. Horses need special feed if they are very tired and if they are alright than they do not need special food because they will get too energetic and hyper so they need regular food.

Written by Ahmad Hussain


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