A pet is an animal that a person keeps for enjoyment, companionship, for protecting his home and household animal or for economical, productive or financial reasons. Pets may be working animals, laboratory animals, livestock and sport animals. Most popular pets are noted for their playful or loyal characters and attractive appearances. Health problems can also be caused by a pet. Many countries, cities and towns have a limited number of animals that a person can keep. Many countries, cities and towns have banned some pets such as a Rottweiler.

Pet Health

A person also has to take care of his pet’s health to keep him in a good condition otherwise some pets get wild and will not be friendly with the owner. If a person wants to keep a pet he needs to fulfill certain requirements of the pet. An important problem is also if the dog is not fed the proper food this can cause medical problems like feeding the pet chocolates. A person should also not smoke near a pet as it can cause harmful substances to land on the fur of the pet and also harmful and poisonous gases being inhaled by the pet. Pet health is also very important as if the health is not good it can lead the dog to serious illness and even death.

Advantages and Disadvantages of keeping pets

Pets often give their owners an advantage like if a person takes his pet to a walk it will provide both the owner and pet with a good exercise, fresh air and social interactions. Keeping pets often relieves stress from a person. They often give a person something to take care of, exercise with and help to heal from a psychologically or physically troubled past. They help people to achieve health goals. Health problems are also caused by pets. For example, Asthma and many allergies have been caused by pets. Injuries and also death have been caused by pet attacks and bites. Tripping over pets has caused life threatening injuries and also broken bones.

Pet Food
Pets have a plants or meat of organisms as food found in stores and supermarkets which are needed to keep them healthy and fit. Different species of pets have different types of food like a cat has cat food and a dog has dog food.

Pet First Aid

Pets also need to be vaccinated which is important to keep them away from diseases and so it is safe to play or keep the pet. Without proper vaccination the dog can lead us to serious diseases like Rabies. A pet needs a vet to look after his health and to help him recover from a serious wound or injury. Sometimes vet give us a special food which is essential for the dog to recover.
Written by Ahmad Hussain

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