Five Important Steps In Training Your Puppy

When you get a new puppy, everything they do is cute. You may find it difficult to say no to him/her. This is especially true if they give you that sad “You have to love me” face. Yet, you need to stick to your guns and make them realize they need to obey.

When To Start Training

The worst time to start training your puppy is when they have been able to do everything they wanted. By then, you’ve already spoiled them to think one way and it can be tough to get them to think any other. Start training when they are eight to 10 weeks old. This is the age where most puppies want to learn.

How Long To Training

Like a baby, you can only hold a puppy’s attention for so long. Start with short lessons. While you train them, play with them so you keep them focused to get them trained. Doing this makes it easy on you.

What To Train

What good is having a puppy if you don’t give them a name and they know it? Start off training with teaching them their name. If you want to get into training any further, this is imperative to do first. Remember if they don’t know their name, how will they recognize it when you call them to train further? Make sure they understand their name before you proceed further.

The second thing you need to train your puppy for is to learn how to sit. How do you teach a puppy sit? You’ll have to say the word as you push on their bottom to get into the sit position. Be sure that as they grasp this concept and lesson, you reward your puppy. This encourages them to learn further commands.

Leash or No Leash

Many puppies do not understand they need a leash. You will need to teach them how they should act when they are attached to it. Don’t be surprised if this takes a bit of time for them to grasp.

Be Persistent and Consistent

You should remember that your puppy is still young. While you should be persistent in getting him or her trained, don’t expect them to grasp every command in a short amount of time. Be consistent with everything you do.

Most importantly, your puppy is a member of your family and should be loved as such. Make sure you show as much affection to them as you do all the other family members and reward him like you would a child when they do something good.

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