Ten Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet(s)

Halloween can be an exciting time for people especially children. However, for pets, Halloween can be a dangerous holiday if precautions aren’t taken.

Some people like to dress up their pets so they can join in on the fun. Yet, pets can have an unpleasant reaction to all the “excitement”.

A pet can become scared by the events and costumes they see with the Halloween day/night. Remember there will be repeated doorbell ringing or knocking on the door. Those at the door will be dressed in cute or scary costumes. All these things can stress out pets. Aggression can occur as well as the need to escape.

If you have a pet and want to make them feel comfortable as well as safe on Halloween, read these 10 tips listed below.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip One – Make sure before all the festivities that you keep your pet in another room. Make sure the door is shut so the noise does not disrupt their peace and serenity.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Two – If your pet requires walking outside, do so before it gets too dark. That way they won’t run into people with costumes on.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Three – Make sure you keep pets inside before and during Halloween. Some people will try to hurt or steal pets just for fun.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Four – Be sure your pets have the current information listed on their tag. When pets are scared, they can run. However, many of them don’t have tags that tell others where they live and get thrown into a pound.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Five – Make sure your pets is not near those who dressed up. Bites on Halloween are not unheard of. Pets who don’t typically bite can become so stressed from the event that they’ll bite.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Six – Make sure candy is away from a pet’s reach. Candy can be deadly to animals.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Seven – Don’t send your pet out with the kids. There is too much at risk when this is done.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Eight – Unless you know your pet loves it, don’t get them dressed up just to join the fun. If they do love it, be sure the costume you get isn’t unsafe in any way. You don’t want a costume that restricts their movements, hearing, vision, vocalization and most importantly, breathing.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Nine – No pet costume should have small or dangling items. These can be choking hazards.

Halloween Pet Safety Tip Ten – Make sure your pet isn’t near decorations such as pumpkins with lit candles. Streamers can be deadly for cats.

As long as pet owners take and use precautions, every member of the family, from humans to animals, can enjoy Halloween.

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