Seven Harmful and Possibly Deadly Foods for Your Feline

A cat’s digestive system is vastly different from a human being’s digestive system. Humans can eat many things. However, a cat that eats certain human foods can actually become sick and die. If you have a cat, it’s vital to have a list of foods he or she should not have. There are seven kinds of food or spices that should not be given to a cat.

Baby Food – While baby food is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals for a baby, a cat can become malnourished because of it. Baby food can have onion powder, which is also quite harmful to a cat. A cat’s needs for a healthy body varies from a baby.

Chocolate – You may already know that chocolate is harmful for dogs. However, it is just as bad for cats. Chocolate has the chemical thebromine, which isn’t bad for humans, but both cats and dogs have a hard time digesting it. Chocolate is deadly for cats and dogs.

Coffee – Never give your cat caffeine. Eight teaspoons of caffeine can kill your cat.

Grapes and Raisins – When a cat ingests too many grapes or raisins, studies have shown that they can experience kidney failure. However, there is no exact determination as to why grapes and/or raisins cause this problem in cats.

Onions and Garlic – In any form, uncooked, raw or powered, garlic and onions can cause anemia is cats. These spices/foods will cause damage to a cat’s red blood cells. Anemia will cause a cat to become lethargic and pale.

Spinach – Like grapes and raisins, it’s unclear why spinach has a negative effect on a cat’s health. Spinach has small quantities of calcium oxalates. It’s thought that it causes crystals in the cat’s urine. If your cat has urinary tract problems and they are eating spinach, cut it out.

Unripe Tomatoes – Tomatoes may sound good and taste good but they hold a poison called solanine. For humans to be hurt by it, they need to ingest huge amounts. However, for cats, just a small amount can be detrimental to a its health.

If you love your cat, be mindful of what they eat. If you want a cat, it’s best to learn basic cat care before you bring them home with you. Should you need more tips, can help you out further.

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