Foods Rats Can Eat and Need to Avoid

How much do you know about rats? Did you know that they eat anything they see? If you own a rat for a pet, you probably get their food at a pet store. However, if you want to make them really happy substitute their cereal food with something else. If you can improve their nutrition, you can increase their livelihood and how long they live for.

Food Experimentation

Do some experimenting to figure out what foods you rat find is his favorite. Do healthy foods to ensure good health. These can include: carrots, juicy pears and apples. You’ll find the foods that they like most they tend to save for another eating. You’ll also find out which food they will not touch at all.

Some rats like grapes as treats. You can by fruit treats that are find in pet stores for other animals. Some rats will eat dog biscuits.

If you don’t want your pet rat to choke on the carrot or celery stick, give him a piece of bread with some peanut butter thinly spread on. Some rats will also eat chocolate and yogurt. Having soy in their diet can lessen their chances of being diagnosed with mammary tumors. Your rat may also like to try hard-boiled eggs and rinds of bacon.

Some rats will hide their treats in their parts of their cages. They do this so they can search for it later on as if they were in the wild, scrounging for food.

Moderation is Key

Be careful not to give your rat too much food. If they become overweight, they can be diagnosed with tumors and many other harmful diseases. Moderate their food intake and make sure it gets plenty of water, preferably from a dripfeed bottle that can be fixed onto the cage. Be sure this and the food bowl item is kept clean on a regular basis.

Avoiding Certain Foods

Male rats should never eat oranges. Oranges contain an ingredient called d-limonene. It will build up in the kidneys, causing cancer later on. Be sure to avoid all citrus foods to keep this from happening.

Use the foods you rat loves to eat to train him. While it may not seem like it, rats are quite smart and will learn anything to get their food and to please their favorite person.


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thanks for the informasion

Anonymous said...

When i got my rats from petco i got a rat care sheet telling how they should be raised, how to care for them etc. It also said rats should stay away from chocolate, because it would cause possibly fatal sickness. Your paragraph states, "Some rats will also eat chocolate..." Are you saying rats 'would' eat chocolate even though its bad for them? Or 'some' rats 'can' eat chocolate? Im confused, and im not sur that statement supports the "Food Rats Can Eat" paragraph.