Chinchillas: Tips To Caring For This Affectionate Creature

Are you looking for an unusual pet? If you are and have the time they need to be taken care of correctly, then take a look at the chinchilla. These creatures are extremely intelligent and have very soft fur. They have plenty of energy, which brings out their personality. Chinchillas will provide plenty of affection as well as entertainment for their owners. However, there are some things you need to know about these cute little animals.

Get To Know Your Pet - If you want a chinchilla for a pet, it’s wise to get to know them first before you bring them home. Why? Each chinchilla is different in personality and will have a bond unique to different people. If you want to own a chinchilla, it is wise to see how they will interact with you and how soon they will bond.

Trust Issues - You need to understand that these cute creatures are not born tamed. If you want your pet to be tamed, you have to get to know them first. Spend time with them. By doing so, they learn that they can trust you. Keep in mind that these creatures also have a long-term memory capacity. This means they remember things from a long time back. If they feel in anyway threatened by you, they remember it. You have to earn that trust back, just like a human.

Cages - Be sure you have a place ready for your new pet to come home to. A cage is usually ideal, specifically 2 feet by 2 feet cage. If you plan to have more than one, you will need a larger cage. These creatures like to get exercise so they need room to run about. What should you place in the cage? Include in it a space for them to hide, a balcony or pathway for them to explore and bells or block that can be hung so they can chew them.

Feedings - Feed your chinchilla at least twice a day. While food pellets are good for them to it, it’s not enough for a good diet. Make sure to give your chinchilla some hay. For a treat, provide them dried fruit or whole grains. However, these should be given sparingly.

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