Want an Exotic Pet: Check Out the Wallaroo

Looking for an exotic pet to own? Look no further than a wallaroo. A wallaroo is an animal mixed between a kangaroo and wallaby. If you are looking to own one of these creatures, then you need to know a little more about them.

Wallaroos can grow to be a large animal and are wonderful pets so long as their environment is the right kind. You will have to pay some attention to this pet much like you would a domestic animal like a dog or cat. Make sure your home is a loving environment. Depending on the sex of the animal will depend on how many pounds they grow to. Females will go up to 50 pounds usually. Males can grow up to 100 pounds. It also depends on the Wallaroo breed.

Before you even bring home a Wallaroo, find a veterinarian that will work with your exotic pet. Finding a veterinarian that has experienced with these animals is wonderful but not very likely. Once you locate them, you’ll want to bring your animal to the vet and get him checked out.

Now, it’s time to find a breeder for your wallaroo. Just like veterinarians, breeders can be just as difficult to locate. Be sure your breeder bottle-feeds his or her wallaroos. Bottle-feeding lets the animal become attached to humans thus making it easier for you to buy one. Be sure your wallaroo is comfortable with you before you take him home. If this is not done, bad circumstances can arise for the both of you.

One of the last things you should do for you pet is to set up an area for him to play in. Giving them an area to play in is a vital part of their development. Wallaroos are easy to feed typically. They are herbivores and love to eat grass or hay.