The Problem of Cat Urinating on Furniture

Behavior problems in cats can be very annoying to deal with. If your cat is urinating on your bed or furniture, you know how much that can upset you. Whether this trouble just started, or you’re done trying everything without any achievement, there are still some things to try before quitting it completely.

Before solving your cat's litter box problems, it is significant to figure out why is your cat behaving like this in the first place. A simple thought to the question of why, the answer to the problem becomes clear.

Cats most often pee outside their litter box because of anxiety issues. These anxiety issues could range from new pets in the house or new relatives. Even something like a change in the family schedule can add stress to a cat's life.

Cats are creatures of custom, and any modification to it can add stress to their lives. All cats react to stress differently. The main two ways cats articulate their stress is through either violence like biting, or through peeing and marking your furniture or bed.

Try to make out if there was a worrying event recently that would cause your cat to react like this. Are there any changes in the house? Once you get the idea what caused your cat to urinate here and there, then you can apply some easy remedies to the problem. Try asking your vet for a solution. Give more love and attention to the cat so it does not feel alone and depressed. Love your cat.

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Anonymous said...

I adopted a 6 year old cat that start peeing on wet towels, bath mats, laundry, etc. immediately. The previous owner admitted that it had been the reason she had given him up. I have removed all of the above mentioned items off the floor or areas where he was peeing, keep bedroom doors closed, and also bought a larger open litter box with new, unscented litter. It seems to have done the trick. It's been almost a week with no unwanted peeing!