Pet Cremations: How Pet Owners Say Goodbye

When you lose a pet, it can be a painful experience. The feeling may not completely compare to losing a human loved one but nevertheless, it is painful still. You can feel it for days, weeks or even months to come. However, have you ever thought what you would do if you pet suddenly passed away on you? Certainly burying them is cheap. However, many people are cremating their beloved pets to keep a bit of them beside them for years to come. Why are people turning to pet cremations?

Types of Cremation

Like a human being that has been cremated, you have three options to how you will deal with your pet’s ashes. Those three options are: bury the ashes, scatter the ashes or place them in an urn. Many people that own pets like the idea of placing their pet’s ashes into an urn because it’s like a bit of them is still there with the family. There are four various types of ceremonies for pet cremations: viewing cremation, communal cremation, private cremation and individual cremation.

If you choose to do a viewing cremation, you watch as the animal is being cremated. (Some crematory places allow this, others do not. If you wish to do this, make sure you talk with the crematory manager.)

In a communal cremation, many pets are cremated at the same time and ashes are not separated. If you choose to do this type of cremation, you will not get the ashes back.

For a private cremation, your pet is the only one that is cremated and their ashes are then returned back to you once the entire process is done.

For an individual cremation, several pets are cremated all at once and separated before their ashes are mixed in with one another.

After your pet has been cremated, ashes are then put into a sealed bag and temporary urn. Then, the cremators will give this urn to the owners who will decide next what they would like to do with their beloved’s remains. If they wish to purchase an urn, there are numerous kinds available but ultimately the choice comes down to your preferred taste.

Most pet owners choose a wooden box urn for the remains. Some box carving artists can place an image of your pet with their name and birth and death dates onto the box. This makes the box more personal. However, if costs are an issue, keep this in mind when deciding what to do with your pet’s remains after it has been cremated. Pet cremations are not overly expensive but they are not cheap either.

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