Why Pet Massages are so Important to an Animal’s Well-being

Has someone ever given you a massage and you felt so much better afterwards? Did it help to relieve the day’s problems? Then, you know that a massage is a tool that helps to relax the body. Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from massages. Pets can also benefit from them. If you own a pet, make sure they get pet massages to help them relax as well as heal from any injury they may have.

Benefits for Pet Massages

There are seven benefits for your pet getting a massage. They include:

Relaxation – most pets become relaxed with a gentle massage.
Reduction of Recovery Time – If your pet has suffered a serious trauma, it’s wise to give them a massage to lessen their healing time.
Increasing circulation – A pet’s blood circulation is just as important as a human to ensure their well being.
Increasing movements – Massages help animals to move around more as well as being more lithe.
Pain reduction – Pet massages help to reduce their pain. This is necessary if your pet has arthritis.
Stress reduction – Pets can become stressed too so a good massage is necessary.
Toxin removal – It’s important that toxins in your pet’s body and organs are removed. Massages help speed this along.

Never stop going to your veterinarian if you do massages. Use massages as a secondary tool to the care your pet receives at the vet.

Six Kinds of Pet Massages

You may be surprised to learn that there are six kinds of massages that can be used on your pet. These are:

Passive Touch;
Passive Joint Movement; and

What does Efflurage consist of? You rub the entire body of your cat including on the inside and outside of its limbs. Using a circular, hand over hand motion you can stimulate the blood.

When using passive touch, you barely put pressure on your animal. All you do is place your hand in a certain spot for a matter of seconds to warm the tissue. Doing this relaxes your animal.

Kneading involves rolling and pinching the skin while applying force to the muscle instead of the bone.

The Tapotement technique should never be used on animals that have been abused. It consists of tapping and brushing different muscle areas, which fuels the pet.

Passive joint movement is a technique that requires the owner to move the pet’s joints. If not done correctly, this type of pet massage can lead to damage in the tissue and joints.

Stroking is much like petting. However, it must be done slower and applied lightly.

With these six pet massage techniques, you can assure your pet a long, healthy life. Still, always talk with a professional if you have any concerns or need help with pet massages.

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