How Crystal Healing for Animals Work… and for what conditions

Many people believe that crystals and gemstones are “gifts that come from Earth. They believe that these things can encourage healing for their animal friends as well as the rest of human life. Crystal healing for animals is a soft, non-insidious way that can help alter their energy… both mentally and physically.

Crystal Healing of the Past

Evidence suggests that crystals were used around 25,000 BC and used by many cultures including Egyptians, Native Americans, Tibetans and Aborigines to name a few. While crystals, it seems, has the power to heal humans, how does crystal healing for animals work?

Before you can understand how crystals work, you should know that every living thing consists of energy and has electromagnetic field. All gemstones, minerals and crystals resound at certain frequencies of vibrations. These vibrations, then, attract the energy of the living thing and mixes with it.

If you didn’t know already, crystals are great amplifiers and energy transmitters. Of all the matters of the world, crystals are the most constant, unified composition. Crystals, no matter what variety, has a set number of uses that can be used in healing. However, you can use different kinds of crystals to heal a certain condition. By having this knowledge you only need a finite number of crystals to act as healers for a large number of conditions.

If you wish to choose crystal healing for animals to help your beloved pet, then you should have an understanding of which crystal can help certain medical, physiological and physical ailments your pet may be suffering from.

How To Use Crystals on Animals

For starters, rose quartz helps with animals that have been abused or abandoned;
Malachite helps to break compulsive patters such as constantly licking a particular thing or scratching something that isn’t there;
Selenite is thought to help with cancer treatments;
Amber helps with kidney and/or bladder problems;
Smoky quartz helps to relieve stress; and
Amethyst helps to cure separate anxiety.

Chakras that are imbalanced can also be realigned with crystals. If you are determined to use crystal healing for animals then place them somewhere they are likely not to be swallowed. Always keep your pet’s safety in mind. Many pet owners will place the crystal on collars, put them in their bedding or give their pet a massage with them.

If you choose to do crystal healing for animals, you’ll be improving their health, emotional well being as well as their physical well being and their happiness. However, never stop going to a veterinarian for checkups even if you are using crystals.

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