How to Care for a Toy Poodle

If you want a pet that gives you great companionship, own a toy poodle. Of all dog breeds, the toy poodle is the smallest breed. It’s quite agile and belongs to the hunting dog family. Despite their enormous success has a hunting dog breed; many toy poodles are turning up in dog shows.

Despite their agility, many toy poodle pet owners don’t know how much exercise a day their pet should get? Toy poodles need their exercise like any other animals but careful care must be taken to keep them from getting hurt. Their size alone causes them to be quite accident-prone.

Why is it that toy poodles are susceptible to injuries? This breed of dog has a very delicate bone structure. If they are exercised too much for too long, injuries can occur in their ligaments, tendons and tissues. This is especially true for a new toy poodle dog owner.

If you want your toy poodle to get the exercise he or she needs, then only an hour of day will suffice. It’s important they get exercise to keep away the boredom they may feel as they may get into trouble if not. However, don’t misinterpret daily exercising with rigorous exercising. For toy poodles, a walk around the block is good enough. If you have a fenced in backyard, let them run about. While this breed loves kids, never let the two “kids” play together for too long. If this happens, damage to the dog’s bones can occur.

Always watch your toy poodle for any problems after the walk. Be sure you report signs of exhaustion and stress to your veterinarian. Modify your dog’s schedule a bit to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Toy poodles can also suffer problems with hypoglycemia. This disorder causes sugar levels to reduce that can later bring on seizures, weaknesses and possibly lead to a coma. Give your toy poodle Nutri-Cal tablet to help them out.

Always do your homework before buying a pet of any kind. Once you learn what your pet’s needs are, you’ll have the capabilities to give them a warm, loving home free of every day accidents.

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